Brief Recap:

It was a great kick off session by Stewart Gibbs, the Manager of Dynamics for New Zealand.

On the general Dynamics suite, he talked about;
1. A brief overview of the Dynamics suite of technologies.
2. What does Dynamics encompass, and how does each piece fits the grand business scheme.
3. What are the selling points for Microsoft ERP technologies comparing to the big players in the market.
4. Customer base, world wide and local in New Zealand.
5. Product roadmap.

Specifically, he also spoke about the following on CRM;
1. Wide adoption across all different industries. (Public and private sectors)
2. Concept of *xRM* – Any relationship management.
3. Hosting options.
4. Licensing options.
5. Very very intriguing case studies…

Make sure you check out the presentation slides that Stewart has kindly made available for us at here.

Next Session:

Date: Thursday, 21st August 2008.
Time: 6pm
Location: Microsoft New Zealand, Level 12, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington.
Topic: After thinking through what was asked for in the first session as well as what we can source we have the following options for this session. Which one of them gets presented will depend on your vote. So please get your vote in before the end of the week – 3 August 2008. Simply email your option to

 Option 1: “All you need to know about workflow in CRM 4.0” – by Jian Sun

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jian Sun known as Sun, developer @ Intergen. A Microsoft Certified Dynamics Business Solutions Specialist and Professional. I’ve worked on small to large CRM implementations with both 3.0 and 4.0. This talk is targeted at end users who use CRM on a day to day basis, business analysts and developers who design and implement solutions using CRM. In this talk, you will find out; What’s so significant about workflow in 4.0 comparing with 3.0? As an end user, how would I use workflow to improve my working experience with CRM? As a business analysts what are the ins and outs in designing workflow rules? As a developer, when shall I use Plugins (Callouts) and when shall I use workflow?

Option 2. “I built my whole business with CRM 4.0 – SaaS” – by Simon Gardiner

Simon, known as Skip, is an ex-intergenite. A Microsoft Certified Dynamics Business Solutions Specialist and Professional. He and his business associates are always on the outlook for building business models with innovative ideas on new, cutting edge technologies. In his talk, you will find out what is all about? How to build a business model based leveraging CRM 4.0 multi-tenancy. What are the joys and pains behind CRM 4.0 multi-tenancy + Hyper-V + IIS 7 + Windows Server 2008…

 Option 3. “What is NAV all about and what is new in NAV 2009?” – by Nikolai L’Estrange

Nikolai is a Solutions Consultant @ Intergen. He primarily specializes in Dynamics NAV (Navision). He has had over 6 years experience working with Navision as Developer and Consultant.

Possible topics for Q&A type session:
What kinds of things can NAV do for you?
Comparison between NAV and CRM functionality.
What hardware/software/technical knowledge do you need to run NAV?
NAV integration with other products.
How are things going to change with NAV 2009?

Option 4. “Reporting from NAV” – by Nikolai L’Estrange

In this talk, you will find out from Nikolai, what are some of the reporting options, the complications, the DOs and DON’Ts. And chances for you to ask plenty of questions.