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Session Details
Date:         Thursday, 21st August 2008.
Time:         6pm
Location:   Microsoft New Zealand, Level 12, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington.
Topic:        “All you need to know about workflow in CRM 4.0″ – by Jian Sun
Jian Sun known as Sun, developer @ Intergen. A Microsoft Certified Dynamics Business Solutions Specialist and Professional. This talk is targeted at end users who use CRM on a day to day basis, business analysts and developers who design and implement solutions using CRM. In this talk, you will find out;
What’s so significant about workflow in 4.0 comparing with 3.0?
As an end user, how would I use workflow to improve my working experience with CRM?
As a business analysts what are the ins and outs in designing workflow rules?
As a developer, when shall I use Plugins (Callouts) and when shall I use workflows?
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